Outcasts of Might and Magic and Righteous Revenge

Sunless Citadel: Clearing the First Floor Part 1

The Finding of Calcryx


   Our team takes a rest, meets with Meepo, takes a quest from Yusdrayl to get back Calcryx the White Dragon Wyrmling, and takes Meepo along as a guide. Meepo is a bad guide, but gets them through to the start of the Goblin territories before being sent home. Friggin' Meepo.

    The Goblin guards are easily dispatched between the entrance and the makeshift practice range. One Goblin, after being nearly crushed to death by Tol's mace arm, is spared and allowed to stabilize hanging awkwardly inside Tol's body. He leads the party away from some traps and down to the prisoner's quarter where the keys to some locked doors are hanging. The party releases some imprisoned Kobolds and breaks out a Gnome by the name of Erky Timbers, an acolyte of Sune. The party agrees to lead him to safety in exchange for his Turn Undead Feature, which is needed to open a magically locked door along the way to the exit.

That Door!

    Inside, Capra grabs a potion of fire resistance and skeletons rise to defend their tombs. Nox slashes, Tol smashes, and Capra burns skeletons and herself with her first ever Wild Magic table roll. It's a self fireball. Good thing she's nimble enough to twist away and take half damage!

   The skeletons dispatched, treasure is collected. A crystal whistle with the a carving in Dwarvish reads "Nightcaller." This buddy raises the dead, and Tol is hoarding it. Even though he doesn't have lungs. Also a candle with continual flame is also grafted onto Tol. Thus begins Tol's Rave transformation.

  Erky is impressed, but still bolts after being trapped in the Citadel for months. "Ticklecorn" escapes his confused lips as he leaves. 

Here There Be Dragons?

  Back to business, the party takes its keyring from the prison room and finds that lovely locked door that leads to the Trophy Room. Stuffed and mounted bugs, deer, and kobolds of the underdark adorn the walls. Streaks of frost cover overturned tables, and a single metal rod with a broken chain stands in the center of the room. The party inches in, and Calcryx the Wyrmling emerges, biting at Capra. Tol goes Ogre form, wrestles Calcryx to the ground with Nox's help, and Capra is eventually able to tie and bind the Wyrmling. Success!

So what do they do with the wyrmling now?



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