Outcasts of Might and Magic and Righteous Revenge

Sunless Citadel: Clearing the First Floor Part 2

The Liberation of Calcryx

Dragon What Do Now

   Recalcitrant dragon wyrmling named Calcryx in tow, the party pushes forward toward Goblintownville. Dragging the dragon along is challenging but somehow never loud enough to draw the attention of the goblins in adjacent rooms. Sometimes the DM hates his dice.

   The party has a discussion about where to take Calcryx, as the goblin inside Tol known as Bildur says the Chief may give them some treasure or just kill them, and Yusrayl already promised a reward for the wyrmling. The party decides to begrudgingly drag Calcryx to the further away yet guaranteed rewards of the kobold clan. 

Everything Goes Kind of Nuts

    Meepo is beside himself in glee when the party drags Calcryx back into the kobold held part of the Citadel. Calcryx is visibly upset. The gears (probably made of stone) gears in Tol begin turning.

    The party is accompanied by five elite kobold warriors and a Meepo as they present Calcryx to Yusdrayl. Yusdrayl is backed by her usual two honor guards. The two groups, Kobold and our Righteous Revenge party, attempt to sweeten the deal with offer and counter offer. Tol tires of discussion, hates the idea of selling another being into imprisonment, and asks that Calcryx no longer be harmed if they are to make a trade. Yusdrayl offers that in the form of the generous "Kill the goblins for us so there are no more raids! I'll be there to fight myself." The party smells are rat, and Tol rips loose Calcryx's bonds. 

   While the kobolds are in shock, Capra launches a chromatic orb of cold at Yusdrayl, nearly freezing her solid in her throne. Already unstable from an earlier tampering with fate, Capra bursts necrotic energy from her, sapping strength from everyone around her. As her eyes glow with renewed vigor, Yusdrayl's cold body rots away in front of them. 

    The kobolds, leaderless, are in a state of shock and awe. Meepo is utterly dejected. Nox can use this. Shouting with an intensity matching the state of their despair, Nox bellows "We have killed your leader. Run or die!" The kobold clans sprints in every direction, some to Goblinville, some to the entrance, some to the Underdark. Only the honor guard remains, and they stand ready to avenge their fallen leader. Calcryx won't have any of that.

    Calcryx stretches long and deep, saunters forward between the party, and lets loose her frozen breath. The honor guard is frozen in place, dead on the spot. Calcryx claims her trophy and drags one of their bodies back near her old cage, now devoid of kobold presence. 

    Treasure time! Capra takes Yusdrayl's yellow opal ring, because why the heck not. Near the throne is also a quaal's feather token (free oak tree outside!), three spell scrolls (mage armor, spider climb, and knock), and a small flask with three doses of elixir of health. Lastly, there's a big key to the treasure held in the southwestern passage. 

    The kobolds have been routed. Level up!

Leveling Up!

    The party gains a nice boost in power. A familiar voice rings out while the party deals with its new power in their own heads. It's Erky, calling from a nearby kobold prison. Didn't they tell him the kobold safe word?

Erky's Quest

    Turns out Erky bumbled his way through the kobold area mispronouncing ticklecorn and got himself captured again. In prison, Erky had a vision from the red-haired goddess of beauty herself. He saw the twisted, vampiric Gulthias tree beinh tended by Belak and his cohort below, twisting the land and choking it of beauty. He knew in that moment he had to do something about that tree, regardless of what it took. 

    Too bad he's just an acolyte and is good at getting captured. Tol rips the door off its hinges, distrusts crowbars after failing to unshackle the goblins still trapped in the prison, and offers Erky a place on his back. Erky declines the offer, and gives his healing services to the party as long as they are willing to assist him in doing something about Belak and the twisted tree. 

    But first, treasure!


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