Outcasts of Might and Magic and Righteous Revenge

Sunless Citadel: Clearing the First Floor Part 3

Old Magic Is Weird

The Dragonpriest's Chamber

    Dust. Dust everywhere. So much dust. Every room behind that locked door is filled with dust. It's so stale and dusty. Good thing only half of the party has to breathe.

    The first room behind the door features a bunch of dormant orbs. Capra approaches one of them, it begins to play mournful harp tones, and Capra matches them with her pan pipes. She turns to see both Erky and Tol blankfaced and running for the entrance. Nox is stoic. Some quick probing results in the hypothesis that the orb is linked to the room somehow, and that it is fragile.

    Capra picks up the orb and takes it out of the room. It falls silent and goes dark, the affected party members returning to sanity. But hey, Capra misses those dulcet tones and takes it back into the room. Off goes Erky! Tol resists, testily approaches Capra, and smacks the orb out of her hands, shattering it on the floor. Capra won't forget this. Probably.

   The next corridor features a lovely pressure plate trap. The party jams a rock under the pressure plate and its rendered useless. Cause and effect!

    The room following the trapped corridor is large and is almost completely empty save a ten-foot tall statue of a dragon carved from red-veined white marble. The party stands next to the statues and hears it speak, "We come at night without being fetched; we disappear by day without being stolen. What ar-" Almost simultaneously both Nox and Capra say "Stars." Erky is visibly impressed, and praises the intelligence of the two. A portion of the wall opens to their left, leading to the next room. 

    This room features six alcoves, all but one of which have humanoid statues carved of a similar marble to the dragon statue. They are tall elves in plate armor. Across the room from the party is a pit with spikes at the bottom. This is where the party goes perception crazy. Check after check after check reveals tiny humanoid footsteps in the dust, and a secret door to the south. It opens with an easy push. Erky glows, "Wow! Great job!"

    The room beyond the door is tiny and has an inscription in draconic on the far wall, "A dragonpriest entombed alive for transgressions of the Law still retains the honor of his position." Cool. You know what means? Perception checks. The party finds a secret trapdoor that opens with a push, leading to a three by three foot tunnel. "Erky, get in there." So he does.

Demon and Elf

    "It's clear," a nervous voice calls back. Indeed, the mostly empty room was clear, aside from the broken violet tiling, green burning torch, and the large sarcophagus in the center. Dragon motifs are carved all up and down that central piece, so why not approach it?

    Because bad things happen in seemingly empty rooms. A rustle of leathery wings turns into an alien assortment of claws launched at Nox. One bop to its head later and it's a different story, "Whoa cool it! You broke the enchantment, I don't gotta stand guard 'ere anymore!" The party assailed the Quasit with questions: How long were you here? Why are you guarding this place? Who summoned you? All of these the Quasit shrugged off, saying "I don't gotta tell ya nothin'. I'm out!" He turns to a bat, dodges a few things thrown at him, and turns invisible. "See ya later, assholes!" Whadda dick. 

    The sarcophagus is sealed shut by rusted iron clamps. That means strength checks. Strength checks mean crowbars. Too bad the party's resident ogre is now distrustful of all crowbars and refuses to use them. Regardless, a combination of efforts wrench the iron clamps open. One final surprisingly strong shove by Capra moves the lid out of the way to reveal flash of green light and a troll dressed in rotted finery.

    The troll sits up, its rubbery, putrid green flesh stretching around its elongated frame. It opens its beady black eyes and snarls at the party. There's no hope of diplomacy here. Sacred flame and firebolts from Erky and Capra keep the troll flesh smelling crispy, alternating scythe cuts and necrotic damage from Nox keeps the troll seated, and Tol keeps on swingin'. The troll takes a swing at the party but fails to do any meaningful damage. That's when Capra decides the troll's gotta fly.

    Levitating twenty feet in the air, the troll is useless. The party considers what to do with it. Throw it into the spike pit? Nah, too much effort and geometry. Hit it till it stops moving? Nah it's up in the air. More fire? Ding ding! Capra launches a vision streak of fire at the floating troll. It burns brightly, flesh turning to a fine ash that falls slowly into the sarcophagus below it. Erky, simultaneously disgusted and amazed, whispers, "Wow, amazing work Capra!"

    Finally, the treasure is claimed. Nox walks away with an ornate ceremonial dagger that was held by the troll (125 gp), Capra claims the trolls two silver rings and silver amulet (15 gp each), the casters share a bunch of spell scrolls after wiping the ash off of them (command, cure wounds 2nd level, inflict wounds 2nd level, and guiding bolt 2nd level), and Tol claims the green burning torch, which just so happens to have a continual flame enchantment. The legend of Tol the living rave grows.

    While the party is collecting their goods, Erky is looking through and around the sarcophagus. "This tomb is for a dragonpriest that studied unsavory magic. This elf turned himself into a troll! He still got a burial fit for a dragonpriest, but it was more a prison than anything else. Gross. I'm glad we killed it. This was a twisted act, unfit for a world filled with Sune's beauty." Remember kids, if you encounter a cult of Ashardalon, kill it. Kill it fast.

    Missing their spent spell slots, the party heads back to the first room they slept in, grab Calcryx along the way, and take a snooze. 


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