Outcasts of Might and Magic and Righteous Revenge

The Spring Festival Part 1

A Month To Prepare

Setting the Scene

    Fortissa Mal is a few weeks into recovering from a domestic terrorist attack. House Justice was infiltrated by the Calamand and his new Alhoon friends. Using an Orb of Enfeeblement, they sought to mind control the entirety of Fortissa Mal. The party interrupted the ritual, knocked Justice's head of command Ozar out of the spell, and put everything back in other, though they were unable to capture the Alhoon behind the ritual of get ahold of Calamand. 

    Fortissa was due for some R&R. Good thing it's time for the Spring Festival!

    Brew stole Ozar's family greatsword, rune enctrusted and everything, and Ozar wants it back. Brew receives a letter from Ozar, inviting him to the Champion's Bracket. Ozar believes he is unworthy of his family's blade and challenges Brew to glorious combat in the featured tournament. If Ozar wins, he gets the blade. If Brew wins, he gets to pick one weapon from the recovered House Justice armory. The tournament would be held at The Pit in a month's time, the crowning event of the Spring Festival. 

    Nilonim, the deliverer of the letter, alerts the party that there are other events to register for at the Festival! Here's the breakdown:

Showing off some fresh produce: Brew and Sin

Showing off some fresh animals: Sin and Brew

Archery: Vanir and Breena

Magical Prowess: Sin and Brew

Sneaking/Acrobatic Gauntlet: Breena and Sin

    The party has four weeks to prepare, so this is what they did.

Week 1

    Brew goes to the riverbank topside where there looks to be some good soil and begins to round up fish with Wave. He is looking to be the first to bring a fish to the Animal competition. While he is messing around, Sin comes by and offers to help him grow some huge pumpkins, too. Does anyone care that it's spring? Hell no. Some druidic recombination magic later and we got pumpkins growing to be large by the time of the Festival. +3 Bond.

    Sin, after helping out Brew, asks Bejak for a dress that'll really dazzle a certain somebody. Bejak says he knows a great tailor in Waterdeep and he'll be certain to get her pink sparkly dress in order.

    Breena asks Bejak for equipment that'll help her sneak and shoot. She's the reigning champion of the acrobatic exhibition and she wants that sweet sweet edge. 

    Vanir goes to practice his archery. It's a pretty great time, and he starts to expand his natural range. 

Week 2

    Brew asks Bejak for a potion of air breathing. This is a weird request, but how else is he going to get his fish to market? Water tanks are for losers. He also asks for a tophat he can attach to his basket. It's a riot. He also goes to buy an acre of land so he isn't squatting near the riverbank. Brew is officially a landowner of Fortissa Mal. The pumpkins are really growing.

    Sin receives her dress, and it is hot pink dragon scale slit up the leg masterpiece. It shimmer and damn near glows in the bioluminescent lighting of the underground city. Also she can be spotted from a mile away. She tries to change in the middle of the tavern but Bejak convinces her to shower first. It is literally a first for her. It's a riot. Sin also tries to follow Nilohim from the bar once to figure out where he goes all the time. Sin has the Eye of Vecna, but the party refused to give her the hand for fear of the power getting to her and the world. Nilonim leads her down a dark alley and confronts her, and Sin comes clean about wanting the hand and wanting to infiltrate unbending Tyr. Nilonim offers her a deal: push to get close to Calamand, and the hand is on the table. Sin takes the deal.

    Breena gets an Eagle Bow from Bejak that will allow her to not be at a terrible disadvantage at the longest distances in the archery competition. She also starts to spread rumors about Vanir and how he cuts opponent's arrows to cheat at competitions. The soldier archer Sabel Page hears about this and takes it to heart, looking forward to winning the archery competition regardless of her opposition.

    Vanir continues to practice at his camp. It goes well, but he feels he is reaching a plateau.

Week 3

    Brew is feeding his now giant fish, and Wave is thrilled to be so close to water all the time. Dawnbreaker is subdued next to Wave's religious enthusiasm. But Gilligan the fish is getting by just fine. And that pumpkin though! It's a riot.

    Sin goes to a meeting of the Tyr is a god of unbending justice branch of House Justice. She is looking to infiltrate them for her own reasons. The meeting is at night and there a man with a tattoo of Tyr's hammer slamming down tells them that it is the time for civil unrest. Take back the streets for Tyr and be ready next week for a meeting with Brother Calamand, the upright citizen that will cleanse it all. She leaves with a plan to get near Calamand.

    Breena tries her hand at practicing some archery, but doesn't really get anywhere. She also tries to spy on Vanir and mess with his arrows. She does, but Vanir figures it out immediately and goes to buy new arrows. 

    Vanir's practicing doesn't improve in any significant way. 

Week 4

    Brew is now ready with Gilligan and his waist high pumpkin. It's a glory to behold as he settles into his carpet on a hill. He's stoked.

    Sin goes to the meeting with Calamand. Calamand is looking a little paranoid as he preaches about the unclean city dwellers and encourages the Brothers and Sisters to attack Ozark at the Festival. Sin steps forward and claims that she has a man that can take down Ozar in the bracket. Calamand is interested and looks forward to the encounter. He disbands the meeting and tells the followers to meet the day after the meeting to debrief. Sin sprints to Brew, wakes him up on his carpet, and tells him that he's gotta win. It's super important. 

    Breena meets with Bejak who has procured a stealthy suit of leather, but it is cursed so she puts off using it for the meet. Her practice goes well and she is dialed in and ready for the competition.

    Vanir makes a breakthrough and gains the sharpshooter feet, allowing him pinpoint accuracy at an extreme distance.

    Onto the Festival!


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