Outcasts of Might and Magic and Righteous Revenge

The Spring Festival, Part 2

The Pit Is Grand

On the Way    

    The party is on its way to the Spring Festival. The Pit is on the third level of Fortissa Mal, a getaway for middle class families and way for poorer citizens to gain some fame, capital, and social mobility. Bejak is on his way to peruse the festival shops and also hires two dudes to cart Brew's pumpkin. Brew has given Gilligan the air breathing potion so it's doing fine I guess. Through Wave Brew encourages Gilligan. 

    Sin is decked out and turning heads, and there are many whispered opinions both good and bad around her. She's making the impression she desires.

    The rest of the party arrives and it's a mass of people and festivities. Before long, there is an announcement for all plants to be submitted.

Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin

    There are many interesting plants being displayed. A bunch of plants and stuff, nothing standing out apart from this ridiculous magically grown gourd with vines that sprouted pears at the end. It looked like a beholder!

    The judge approaches brew's pumpkin and is legitimately impressed with its size. Brew encourages the judge to lean in and smell the pumpkin. Intrigued, the judge does so. As he leans in, Brew quickly and stealthily blows some cinnamon on the judge's nose. The judge's eyes widen and is super impressed. Pumpkin spiced pumpkin! It's a riot. 

    First place went to the beholder gourd and with it a parcel of land. Second place went to the Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin and with it a bag of magical beans. 


    There was an impressive potbellied pig and a miniature owlbear. Adorbs.

    Brew shows off Gilligan to the judge. He is able to communicate with Gilligan and has him flap once for yes and twice for no. Gilligan literally flaps on the ground and breathes normal air. In the end, he doesn't place. Gilligan is upset.  

    Sin presents her dead cat, and quickly transforms it into allosaurus. Not just any allosaurus, an allosaurus covered in portobello mushrooms! She offers the judges a pregrilled bunch of mushrooms and they are taken with it all.

    The mushroom allosaurus takes first place, the owlbear second, and the potbelly pig third. 


    A voice rings through the crowd and calls Pit participants down to the Hypogeum. A short elevator ride later and the archery participants are below the pit in locker rooms. The archers are called in and ride the elevator up. There, Sabel accosts Vanir for being a cheat. Vanir is insulted but is unable to convince Sabel otherwise. The ride up finishes and the portcullis reveals the Pit. 

    There's a respectable crowd as the archers file in. A man dressed in a velvet doublet, slicked back black hair, a thin mustache, and a respectable air about him stands up and greets the archers and the crowd. The man is Isilmore Baroque, the elected official at the top of The Pit. With a few words of welcome, the archery competition begins. 

    Sin is in the stands waving a giant handwritten sign, "VANIR IS #1." When she sees Breena come out, she quickly scribbes, "Breena, too" beneath it. 

    The first target is at 30 feet. Vanir has no issue sinking three arrows into the center circle. Breena follows suit. Sabel misses the bullseye on her second arrow but still scores highly enough to advance.

   The second target weeds out a few of the less talented participants. At 120 feet most regular archers are challenged. Breena and Vanir are not regular archers. Triple bullseyes no problem. Sabel steps up, takes on the challenge, and sinks three arrows center target no problem. 

    At the third target only our named three remain. 300 feet is a feat of great skill. Vanir steps up and misses the first arrow, sinks the third center on, and chips the third. Breena misses her first but sinks center her second two. Sabel checks out her competition, takes her stance, and confidently sinks three arrows at 300 feet. She takes her prize with her head held high as our heroes get their smaller payouts. Sabel won't forget this. 

Magical Prowess

    The magicians are called to the Pit by Isilmore and it's a mix of home grown hobbyists and full blown Scholar wizards. Sin manages to stand out among the other many colored robes in her hot pink dress. Only one other wizard stands out, an Evoker by the name of Dise. Her sapphire robes cover her numerous runic tattoos and her green eyes scan the crowd with delight. 

    The first round consisted of a competition to create the most extravagant display. Many of the other wizards did little displays of fire or illusions of woodland creatures. Dise steps forward and puts them to shame, creating pillars of ice and melting them with firestorms and summoning thunder clouds to accent the action.  

    Sin creates a crazy display of woods and gore. SIN PLEASE FILL THIS IN.

    The second round is to find a magical needle in a pit's worth of hay. Sin turns on her eye's xray vision and detects magic her way straight to the needle. Fast and efficient. The next guy doesn't have the xray vision so he fumbles about and looks silly as he detects his way to it. Dise blazes the hay away and picks up a clean needle. Other probationers blow the hay away or fill it with water or otherwise make magical fools of themselves. The judges conclude this round with Dise and Sin as the winners.

    The third round is a magical duel. The two line up and let loose their magic. Dise chain lightnings Sin directly who absorbs the blow and fires back with a stream of pure sunlight that deeply burns Dise. Dise steps back and raises a defensive wall of ice, hoping the gain the upper hand. Sin summons pillars of bones that crush the ice wall and push Dise against her own ice wall. The judges call it and Dise falls to the ground, crushed but quickly healed by the Pit healers. 

    Sin is crowned the magical winner and Dise takes second place. Dise won't forget this, and walks away from the torn pink dress and broken stilletos clad Sin. 

Acrobatic Maze

    Breena, Sin, and a handful of other sneaky and fast looking individuals file into the Pit. A maze is raised from the ground and is filled with magical darkness and traps of many kind. The target is in the middle of the maze, a statue of Tyr. Ready, set, go!

    The first few twists and turns are in magical darkness. Breena memorizes the layout well enough to intuit her way sprinting through the darkness. Sin's Eye gives her truesight so this was a joke. The sound of a few splats weed out the less coordinated of the competitors.

    The next challenge is a long set of swinging axes. Breena is able to acrobatics her way around them like its no problem. Sin takes a long jump and tumbles her way past the last one. A few more competitors are cut up but immediately patched up by the medics. 

    Lasty is a pit of spikes after which is a long drop into the hypogeum. Breena sprints and uses her Cloak of the Bat to fly over the pit after jumping across the spikes. Sin turns into a bird and begins flying. The third competitor makes it across the spikes but plummets down into the pit after a misstep. Breena just barely outspeeds the bird and takes the statue.

The Champion's Bracket

    To be completed 


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