Outcasts of Might and Magic and Righteous Revenge

What Came Before

A Bit of Backstory

The Story so far: Nox has been in the Undead City (name forthcoming) for a few months, using her rare necromancy focus to get in with a local magic-users study group. She doesn't wanna join, just exchange information. They respect that, because they're cool wizards and warlocks.

Tol has been ambling toward sources of magic knowledge and stumbles upon Capra in the woods. Capra tells him of her magical misfortune and the two decide to travel together toward the Undead City since it is both one of the biggest in the northern lands and probably the best place for them to get at the oblique arcane knowledge they seek.

Capra begins to schmooze her way into the nobility of the undead city via the working class, servants, couriers, and anyone generally capable of gossip around bigger wigs. She uses her natural allure and up and coming charm to generate rumors, and has caught the collective eye of the more lower-class sociable gentiles. She also picked up on rumors of a Necromancer in town, a rare sight indeed. Too applicable to pass up, Tol and Capra do what they can to find Nox.

The three exchange information, and are now preparing to make the expedition back to the place of Tol's creation


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