Ob (The Great and Powerful)

Tôl's creator


Ob is a Human Sorcerer
His alignment is Chaotic Evil
He is dead
In life he was known as a visionary tactician, a ferocious spell caster, a tyrannical leader but most distinctly Ob was bored.


Ob had moved to the north for a challenge. Ob learned his magic in the desert plains of the South, watching how the wind pitched the sand. Praised as a magical savant he learned the patterns of the wind and inadvertently the logic behind the elements. However his interest in controlling the elements didn’t last long. What really interested Ob was controlling people. At 14 Ob slowly grew in political influence, using his mastery of the elements to create sabotage and misdirection within the tribe and simultaneously weakening trust in the prevailing ruler and working to deify himself amongst the people. Ob was eventually found out by the village leader, who herself had knowledge of the elements, although sadly far below Ob’s knowledge.

Once confronted Ob readily confessed, admitting that it was about time someone caught on. Outraged the village leader and her team of elite casters tried to execute Ob. Instead Ob decimated her team and many of his own disciples leaving the tribe on its last legs. Then he moved north.

Ob (The Great and Powerful)

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