New Focus:

Welcome to the most interesting and underreported adventuring party operating out of The Yawning Portal located mostly in Fortissa Mal, the underground city. Here we go.

Brew is a basket wearing weapon master, only just now settling down to run the farm he didn't know he wanted. He also collects weapons.

Victory is a performing gladiator with enchanted hair. Her vicious polearm fighting style is supplemented by her eldritch spells. She is currently sponsored by Ozar, the head of House Justice new faith style. 

Sin is a druid who studies the natural cycles of birth and rot. She searches for power and meaning, currently in possession of the eye of vecna in her left eye socket. Also a contractor of the Dunwich Union. Let's see how that goes.

Vanir is a hunter living in the underdark near Fortissa Mal. He excels in hunting aberrations and has been paid well for it for as long as he's been nocking arrows. He's beginning to come out of his shell and take on more dangerous contracts with the group.

 Breena is a scout for House Cloak and Dagger looking for stability on her own terms. She's been working with Nilonim since childhood, and as such is protected from the more political aspects of her House. The adventuring party has been instrumental in her efforts to preserve Cloak and Dagger and her own interests.

Durnan and Bejak forever. 

Old Focus:

Welcome to OMMARR, the best named campaign set in probably Faerun featuring a non-human magical cast you've ever read on Obsidian Portal.

Our intrepid revenge driven party starts in the Undead City of Fortissa Mal. The Warforged Mystic Tol seeks to resurrect his master and promptly kill him with the magic he was tasked to learn. The Sorceror Satyr Capra seeks to complete her magical transformation from goat to human. The Necromancer Skeleton Nox seeks to learn the ritual to complete her transformation into a Lich. Their partnership is a meeting of convenience, and they set off for the High Ice in search of stronger magic. 

The Fallen:

Tol, having exacted his revenge upon Ob, is now relearning what it means to be himself. Maybe you'll see a tiny pebble moving along the ground, gathering others as it travels.

Capra, having confronted the demon at the core of her being, gave up her own life to break its grip on her. Maybe you'll see a goat with a bow somewhere in the northern wood. 

Outcasts of Might and Magic and Righteous Revenge

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