Corvus Oculi

Corvus Oculi began as a covenwho practiced necromancy in its truest form, as a ritual of communication with the dead for the purpose of divination. This small group was highly sought after for their skills, and members enjoyed high positions in society. They were intensely protective of their rites, because they feared that abuse of their powers would lead to punishment from the gods of the dead. 

After several generations as prophets, some members sought to expand their knowledge of the workings of death. Through their studies, the secrets of resurrection were unlocked. Resurrection, an expensive process, was usually reserved for the wealthiest patrons, who funded the coven in exchange for their post mortem services. 

A rift grew within the coven. Those who followed the old traditions worried that performing resurrection went against the will of the gods, and felt that the world would face severe repercussions as a result of the practice. The newer sect, however, felt that they were respectful of the pantheon of death. Resurrection was only practiced on willing subjects, and among those only the ones who the coven felt were worthy. 

While the two sects bickered, a third group – composed of only a handful of members – was expanding their powers unnoticed. This group sought to subvert death entirely by uncovering the path to immortality.

Corvus Oculi

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